How we support sales development, marketing, distribution and revenue integration

How we support sales development

Local sales and asset management

  • New business generation and lead development.
  • Investigate, develop and market new products/packages.
  • Target customers using competitor hotels.
  • Implement guest recognition programme with the support of the brand programme.

National sales and agency sales

  • Introduction to our preferred partner network.
  • Key national accounts – Direct and via key agents.
  • Integration into our sales platform.
  • Drive internal referral programme at hotel/group level.
  • Strategically target speculative markets – Training, team building and events.

Sales lead conversion

  • Implement enquiry handling standards, process and reporting.
  • Introduce mystery sales audits.
  • Conduct upselling and conversion training.
  • Introduce staff incentive schemes with the ‘Balance Score Card’.
  • Introduce performance measurement tools.
  • Implementation of targeted, annual marketing plans by department.

How we support marketing, distribution and revenue integration

Marketing – On and off line

  • Enhance web search and optimisation programme over all portals.
  • Attendance at trade show events and roadshows.
  • Optimise website and third party enhancements.
  • Develop and implement a targeted, pro-active PR plan.
  • Join our social media programme and create a social media strategy targeted to the project.
  • Targeted marketing in special interest publications/readership offers.

Distribution and pricing

  • Introduce dynamic pricing for accommodation and meetings.
  • Introduce key revenue management practices:-
  • Pricing model.
  • Demand calendars.
  • Revenue pace reports.

Revenue integration

  • Implement a pricing strategy.
  • Online Travel Agent’s (OTA’s) management.
  • Introduce key revenue management processes:-
    • Forecasting.
    • Yield management.
    • Pricing for profit.